Rockers in the US spoiled their votes in protest by voting for Lemmy

Rockers & Bikers in the US spoil their votes by voting for Lemmy in protest

American citizens clubbed together to form a protest at the current elections in the States by spoiling their votes by voting for former Motorhead lead singer and bass guitarist Lemmy.

Despite Lemmy leaving the rock world when he passed away in 2015 in LA – which had been his home for over 10 years, protesters claim he obtained just under 50,000 votes across the states.

The majority  of ‘Lemmy voters’ are disillusioned with the American voting system and candidates are from the US rock scene.

Hank Chivers, who started the idea on social media, with it soon spreading across the nation, claims 48,678 voters say they have voted for the rock god.

Lemmy fan, Chip Gannasi in Detroit told Global247news how he spoiled his vote and by selecting his hero, he said: “Lemmy would have done a far better job than these schmucks asking for votes – so I went with the call.”

Motorhead fan, Trev Winters threw in: “Lemmy is god man – so with all this shit going down – he got my vote” he laughed.

“Lemmy had great views and a great sense of humour too, I bet he’s laughing his bollocks of up there” he said.

Lemmy may not have won the vote, with all votes cited as spoiled but even 5 years after the legends passing, he’s still living on – even with American voters.  Global247News Twitter

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