Murcia to close bars and restaurants in Spain

Expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol are preparing to once again shut down their bars and restaurants

Whilst it hasn’t been confirmed by government officials – despite warnings, bar and restaurant owners on Spain’s Costa del Sol are preparing  for closure next week as Coronavirus infection rates continue to increase in Andalusia.

Yesterday alone, the region reported another 32 deaths and infections are on the increase after a national holiday weekend.

Rumours have now started circulating between bar owners themselves that they will be forced to close next week and that Andalucia will go ‘essential only’ operations that will see all hospitality shut down once again.

One bar owner, who spoke to Global247news this afternoon said: ” I was actually told by a policeman that it’s likely to come in force next week, time will only tell of course because this is Spain and the new rulings come in with hardly any notice, for this reason and with the fact that Murcia and other areas are now being hit with the regulation, I have to look at my stock levels”

During the last bar closures, during the previous State Of Emergency, thousands upon thousands of gallons of beer and food supplies had to be slung, although this time bar owners especially are a little more prepared.

” I am keeping a watchful eye on the situation” said frugal Mark Sutherland from Fuengirola’s Luna Bar.

The canny Scot further added: ” I’ve heard the speculation and I have always been on the precaution, although we buy in fresh and rotate well barrel orders, but I feel for the bigger bar owners who have to operate on a larger scale”

“Personally I can see it happening but my fingers are crossed tight that it doesn’t – but the rumours are strong and circulating and with Murcia now taking the action, I can foresee it happening here unfortunately”

Bar owners on Spain’s Costa del Sol have taking a financial battering in 2020, with many expat bar owners simply closing up and handing in the keys back to landlords rather than attempting to sell the lease.

Although Ray Fear has stepped forward to assist bar owners, sell their bar quickly without having to pay expensive agents fee’s.

Ray has launched a website called ‘Bars Spain Direct‘ that places bars on the internet to a global audience for just £49, and placing buyers directly in touch with owners, the scenario see’s the bar owner not have to pay fees of around €4,000 on sale of the bar.

Ray told Global247news: “ Buyers are out there despite the pandemic and the current situation, although, yes prices are lowering, that’s why it’s even more important to list your bar on our website – we reach a global audience and are selling bars at a rate of about 8 a week across both coasts, we are saving bar sellers a small fortune, lets be honest why should they pay out large agency fees and they especially don’t need to in the current financial situation”

” We will keep selling if bars are forced to close, a policeman who has no reason to say any different told me it’s going to take place next week, but I will await for official word first” he finished.  Global247News Twitter

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