Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty says realistic lockdown to end December

Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty said on Tuesday that it would be realistic to end the second England lockdown on 2nd December as it has been designed to lower transmission rates of COVID-19 so that less stingent measures can be undertaken.

He said that any decisions to extend the lockdown would be for the Government to decide but he has faith that members of the general public would be following the rules.

The lockdown starts tomorrow (Thursday) in England. When asked if the lockdown would end on 2nd December as currently stated Whitty said “The aim of this is to get the rates down far enough that it’s a realistic possibility to move into a different state of play at that point in time.”

He said in an interview that the lockdown could lower the R rate to below 1, however further measures after lockdown would need to be in place during the winter months to stop a resurgence of the virus. Whitty and UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser Patrick Vallance were speaking to a parliamentary committee ahead of the Prime Minister’s proposed lockdown on Wednesday which is expected to be passed although there are sceptics in the Conservative party that disagree with it.  Global247News Twitter

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