Voter fraud in Pennsylvania? Political strategist Steve Bannon says "We cannot let the chaos the Democratic party wants happen"

“The President HAS to come out tonight” said political strategist Steve Bannon.

“Tonight is going to be the bold red predacite! The predicate where his ultimate victory will come from. Tonight he will lay down to the nation how he has won, how he has won game day!”

“He (Trump) must set the framework going forward. We can’t let this devolve into the chaos of what the Democratic party wants.”

Bannon’s comments came whilst interviewed on Fox News on Monday.

“President Trump must be very bold tonight, very firm!”

Bannon also argues the Democrats are starting ‘voter suppression’ for election day and agreed that there ‘may be fraud’ in Pennsylvania – a key swing state for a Republican win.

When asked by Fox News if he thinks there will be fraudulent votes in Pennsylvania Bannon replied: “President Trump has a top quality team of people who will be on top of this.

“President Trump is not going to let games happen here. What he has done is respect the American people by actually running a campaign and going out to the small towns and hamlets throughout the country.

“He is not prepared – and his followers are not prepared – to have this stolen. We are not going to back off!

“Any ballot must be counted. We are a democracy and it must follow the rules we all must play by. Not that guys like Shapiro (Attorney General of Pennsylvania) want to make up!

“Trump should send his lawyers in to remove Josh Shapiro from anything to do with the election.

“If Pennsylvania goes so does the country!”

Watch the video above in full.

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