Rabbits Butchered And Left On Door Steps

SHOCKED residents woke up to find dead butchered  rabbits on their door steps, leading to a police investigation.

According to Nuneaton and Bedworth Neighbourhood Watch, several homes were targeted by ‘pranksters’, making the disturbing discoveries on Monday morning, November 2.

Residents going out of their front doors were horrified to find butchered dead rabbits on their doorsteps.

Chris Wilding told Global247news how he found the grim discovery as he took his young daughter to play group.

” We stepped out straight onto dead rabbits, my young daughter aged 3 broke down in tears, it was disgusting, I looked down the road and other local door steps were in the same position”

“There was guts hanging out of some of them, they clearly had been butchered”

“If someone things this is a funny prank – they are sick” he said.

It appears it wasn’t just rabbits either,

In a Facebook post, a volunteers group said: “We have been made aware of a significant amount of dead wildlife appearing overnight in the St Nicolas area.

“Animals such as rabbits, hares and pheasants have been found on several drives across a number of streets.

“They appear to have been placed rather than thrown or via natural occurrence.

“If the animals are on your property, place them in a black bin liner, use gloves, and place them out of reach of other animals until the police get back to you,”

“If they are found on public land, report them to the council. Do not put them in your black bin.”

Ex Cardiff City footballer John Williams, was another victim, he said: ” There was dead rabbits everywhere, the rumour is that its hunting gangs thinking they are having a laugh, well it is not funny, many victims were elderly and I went to assist with the rabbit clear up, very distasteful indeed”


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