North Korea is starving COVID victims to death claims Expat

North Korea’s government are starving COVID victims to death says expat.

The North Korean Government who have made many claims that they are Coronavirus free, are actually starving everyone who gets infected to death in special secret locations based on the Chinese border, is the claim.

The government led by dictator Kim Jong -Un leave victims in secret quarantine camps and left to die.

Though the country is yet to report a single case of the deadly bug, a British expat claims the situation is “gravely serious.”

The dictator has reportedly built isolation zones near the Chinese border which keep patients hidden and deprive them of proper medical attention, according to Christian activist Tim Peters.

According to Mr Peters, the situation has forced families to smuggle food to patients in an attempt to keep them alive.

Mr Peters, who runs Helping Hands Korea in Seoul, spoke to South China Morning Post and said he was “alarmed” to learn Kim’s government is “providing absolutely minimal or no food or medicine to those who are interred there”.

“So, it’s up to the families of the quarantined citizens to come to the edge of the camps and bring food to keep them alive along with whatever health-related aids that they can muster.”

The revelation comes after nobody believed a word from the North Korean state government, known for its famous fabrications.

Dave Brooks, in South Korea told Global247news this morning: ” I doubt any world leader or any person believes their statements, starving Coronavirus victims is far more their style, to be honest, I’m amazed they haven’t been executed”  Global247News Twitter

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