FBI and CIA directors 'to be sacked' once President Trump wins says Steve Bannon - "Why did you sit on the laptop so long?" says Senator Lindsey Graham

Political strategist and Pro-Trump supporter Steve Bannon told Fox News on Monday that ‘arrests should be made and the FBI and CIA directors should be fired’ in relation to Hunter Biden’s laptop.

‘There has been this massive cover up’ said Fox News as they interviewed Bannon.

Bannon – who has been a White House strategist and who was appointed chief executive of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 – nodded his head and said ‘The FBI director (Christopher Wray) should be fired tonight. Immediately. They should announce a special prosecutor to go after it.

“This is not about corruption. This is about compromise. This (corruption) was done with the worst companies of the Chinese Communist Party. This was the CCP coming in and buying access to Joe Biden.

“You need a special prosecutor. You need indictments. The American people need to know what went on for national security.”

The Fox News anchor then said her ‘sources’ have said that ‘one of the first moves the President makes (when he wins the presidency) is to fire Christopher Wray at the FBI and Gina Haspel at the CIA.’

Bannon nodded his head in agreement before the interview came to an end.

The same anchor also interviewed Republican senator Lindsey Graham asking why the cover up had gone on so long and the failed coup of President Trump in 2016 and how it was allowed to happen?

Graham replied by saying: “I’m going to have a meeting with the FBI about why did you sit on the (Hunter Biden) laptop so long? What did you see from the ‘business partner’ of Hunter Biden? It is corruption on an industrial scale (and) influence peddling.

“What have you learned from our time together? That it was Hilary Clinton who linked Trump to Russia in 2016. She tried to attach Trump to Russia to deal with her email problem.

” We have learned there was a Russian link and it was between Hilary and Russia and not Trump and Russia.”

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