'Bank Off' Home Say Bank Bosses

 Major investment banks in London have told staff to go home ahead of the English month-long lockdown on Thursday

All but essential workers will be reverted to home working, having been back in offices for a very short time, in a switch that comes as a further blow to the City of London and Canary Wharf financial districts.

Staff working in Canary Wharf in London’s east end told Global247news how the new term is ‘Bank Off’ – Dan Hughes from Barclays finance department said: “The new term is Bank Off around the offices – of course it’s in reference to ‘bunk off’ from school days”

“Although in reality we will all be working from home and not actually bunking off” he said.

A spokesman for Deutsche Bank confirmed  that the company planned to “substantially reduce” the numbers of staff working from its London office and the majority of staff who had returned to the office would be asked to work from home.

Although according to the major bank, some would be exempt from home working for the month-long lockdown depending on their role or personal circumstances.

Goldman Sachs has also told its employees that only in-office essential staff may come into the London office during the lockdown.

The U.S. bank also confirmed that it would be closing its on-site gym, however, its health centre and crèche would remain open.






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