Woman with terminal cancer fast-tracks plans to end her own life due to second lockdown

A 45-year-old British woman has fast-tracked her plans to end her own life at the Swiss clinic Dignitas die to the second lockdown and “antiquated laws” which means that she cannot do it in the UK.

The woman, who has terminal breast cancer, has been granted a special licence by the Government in Switzerland to attend the clinic without having to do the necessary quarantine required by law.
She told the Sunday Times in an interview that she had decided to bring her plans forward so that she would not suffer an agonising death due to the UK’s ban on assisted dying along with the imminent second lockdown due to start on Thursday.
She said that although she didn’t feel she was “truly ready” to die yet her decision was made so that she was not forced to die alone in agony without her family at her bedside.
The woman, who used to work as a senior mental health officer for the NHS, said that the country’s ban on assisted dying, which carries a prison term of 14 years, was “cruel” and medics met her with a “wall of silence” when she tried to discuss the situation with them.
She said “When I have attempted to speak openly about what I feel is a perfectly rational desire to avoid a traumatic death, I have been met by a wall of silence from doctors.”
In her interview she said that she had been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer last September and then learned this year that it had spread to her liver. It is causing her a lot of pain and she is at risk of dying from a stroke due to tumours in her brain. She finished off by saying in the interview that she would just like a peaceful death which is impossible in the UK due to the laws.

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