Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez Calls For Calm After Spanish riots

Sanchez calls for calm in his country Spain after Coronavirus riots

SPANISH Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called for a calm after a weekend of violent protests against his government’s handling of the resurgent coronavirus pandemic.

More than 60 arrests have been made in Spain with 32 injuries reported as riot police battled in many major cities in Spain over the weekend.

Demonstrations turned to riots in both major cities Madrid & Barcelona where stones and petrol bombs were launched at riot police whilst street fires and barricades were formed.

The rioting has started since the Spanish Prime Minister made a complete U turn and threw the nation back into a 6 month State Of Emergency despite earlier in the year clearly stating it wouldn’t be the case.

Earlier in August, details were leaked out that September the 18th was the marker date for lockdown considerations and bang on the 18th extra restrictions were applied, starting in Madrid.

Although previously, the Spanish governments press office denied the leak. Just 8 weeks later – the country now sits in another State Of Emergency.

Mr Sanchez has condemned the protests and blamed the disturbances on a “violent and irrational” minority.

He said: “Only from responsibility, unity and sacrifice will we be able to defeat the pandemic that is devastating all countries.

“Violent and irrational behavior by minority groups is intolerable. It is not the way.”

Meanwhile,Health Minister Salvador Illa told parliament: “We are aware that citizens are tired after months of effort and sacrifices, of not being able to do what they used to do before, to hug people, our family and friends.

“But it is not the time to relax measures, we have, very tough weeks and months ahead of us.”

Demonstrators although say they will continue to campaign and blame the government for the latest riots.

One of those campaigners Juan Lopez in Malaga, told Global247news last night how they will continue, he informed: “We now don’t believe a word the government say, they said none of this would happen and that all the speculation was a ‘hoax’ – well this doesn’t look like a hoax to us, it looks like government lies”

” We will continue to demonstrate, families are starving, nobody knows what to do, the government are killing its own people with  all the regulations”

“Enough is enough” he finished.



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