Drakeford Bans the Welsh From Going To England And The Welsh Don't Care

Welsh Leader Mark Drakeford bans his citizens from going to England

The Welsh leader said in an early morning press conference that the Welsh will be banned from going to England when the ‘firebreak’ lock down period ends in Wales.

The unpopular leader said that there will be no travel restrictions in Wales itself at the end of the ‘fire break’ but Welsh residents will be banned from entering England unless they have a very plausible reason for doing so.

He went onto say how Wales has at least 1,000 people in hospital at the current time with 7 days left of the ‘fire break’ whilst neighbouring England sets to go into a month’s lockdown period.

Although residents in Wales, speaking to Global247news this morning, didn’t seem too concerned, Aubrey Thomas from Caerphilly said: ” I don’t want to go to England at the best of times, it’s nothing special”

Whilst Terry Rosier in Pontyclun said: ” England in lockdown, no thanks, If I was going to go it would only be for the Wetherspoons sale of 99p a pint as we are missing out on that – but that finishes Wednesday night anyway, although they are lucky buggers having that!” he joked.

Gareth Hughes, a Cardiff City supporter said: ” I only go to England normally to watch the City beat them at football, apart from that we have everything in God’s country as it is – as our football song goes ‘ always sh@t  on the English side of the bridge” he grinned before bursting out laughing.

Although many Welsh residents don’t feel their leader is being truthful and are expecting him to further the lockdown, Mark Giffiths a businessman with 5 pubs in South Wales, mainly in the Bridgend area said: “I can see him changing his mind anyway, he normally does as he babbles on, if there are still 1000 in hospital with COVID – I can’t see that clearing in 7 days and thats what he will cite for his reasoning, I’ll put money on it”



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