Man in Spain chops up his pal but gets caught whilst carrying his head in bin bag

A SEVERED head has been found dumped in a recycling bin after a man was spotted carrying human remains in a plastic bag in a Spanish town.

Cops in Spain confirmed that the suspect has been arrested after he was seen carrying the head poking out of the bag – before throwing it and running away.

Police in the south-west city of Huelva near Spain’s border with Portugal were alerted around 3pm yesterday after members of the public realised the head was real.

The arrest was made in a nearby flat just after 9pm where officers also discovered the body of the dead man, described as a friend of the detainee who was aged around 50.

Juan Gomez who witnessed the incident and lives in the town told Global247news this afternoon: ” I thought it was a prank and first, halloween and everything, but then I soon realised it was a read head which came as a bit of a shock”

” According to some of my friends in our local bar the arrested man has chopped up his friend, they say he then had all his body parts in different bags for disposal but got caught when trying to dump the head” he said.

The police have been interviewing many local people since the incident although the police have not made an official comment on the gruesome find.  Global247News Twitter

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