Spain's Barcelona suffers more rioting over lockdown regulations as Army prepared

Spain’s Barcelona suffered more rioting on the streets over lockdown conditions

Hundreds of demonstrators took to Barcelona’s streets as dark fell yesterday evening.

Whilst demonstrations started peacefully it wasn’t long before disorder broke out as police moved in to contain the situation.

Protesters firstly lit prepared fires in the streets and started hurling bricks and street debris at the riot cops.

As the police officers raised their shields and started to try and disperse the protestors, fresh mobs of rioters came out and started firing flares at the cops, with at one stage, the protestors taking control before reinforcements arrived.

Cops then baton charged the protestors who dispersed up side streets, smashing windows and throwing what they could into the air.

Riots led by football ultras also took place in Italy as police battled with them to regain control of the Italian streets.

One police officer on the streets of Italy said: “This isn’t demonstrations, this is football related organised crime, the Ultras are using it as an excuse”

Police in both Spain & Italy are expecting more rioting tonight as night falls.

Governments are deploying extra police to counter the situation, whilst according to sources in Barcelona the army are being prepared to enter the equation.  Global247News Twitter

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