COVID brings about a boom in home upgrades during lockdowns in wood panelling

Home upgrades has seen a huge boom during the Coronavirus pandemic

With no work to go to and home restrictions in place covering many parts of Europe – a boom in upgrading homes and adding large value to properties has boomed.

One of those sectors, is British wood panelling as homeowners move away from traditional wallpaper and paint.

Wood is becoming the flavour of the year when it comes to walls, making homes feel extra snug whilst adding to properties up to 10,000 pounds in value.

Cardiff estate agent, David Thomas told Global247news this morning how by creating home themes with wooden walls is not only increasing  property prices but also allowing home owners quicker sales.

He said: ” Clients want a home to move straight into, something that feels right, we get so many requests for turn key homes and for wooden walls with feature, I would say they are the fastest selling homes”

3D Wall Panelling The Latest Buzz

“A client we sold for this week, made an extra £15,000 on the sale of his property simply down to his DIY skills panelling walls”

CEO, Jacob Smelting, of ‘The British Wall Panelling Company ‘ based in Suffolk who deliver panelling globally from their website told Global247news about the new faze and fashion.

” The fashion now is clearly wood panelled walls, it’s adding great value to property prices too”

“Our delivery drivers are flat out, lockdown was tough for many people but having ‘jobs’ to do around the home certainly helped pass the time, applying wood panelling is very easy to do” he said.

“It’s taken off in Europe too with Spain and Germany the leading markets, as well as the UK.”

” The main one is wall panelling with Georgian bead and butt, that’s the hottest line at present although 3D oak is moving fast too”

” Panelling is so easy to fit – even for the basic DIY person, we actually on our website show clients by way of video how to achieve their goal too – some are painting afterwards and some oiling for the natural beauty of the grain – it all looks superb!”

Wood Panelling in progress

We supply panels that are easy to fit, rather than the customer having to fit each strip and the real beauty is that the wood unlike pine, is knot free, so those painting don’t suffer Knot bleed”

” One pack of panels only costs £45 but it adds thousands to the value of the home as it looks exceptional” he finished.  Global247News Twitter

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