Cops shot whilst in police car with one blasted in the face

Two cops have been shot with one in the face whilst sat in their squad car

Two police officers were shot as they sat in their squad car in New Orleans yesterday (Friday).

One of the cops was blasted in the face in the shooting, which took place  around 4.30pm in the city’s French Quarter neighborhood in Louisiana.

Witnesses claim the shooter  stood up from a pedicab when the squad car was at a stop sign before opening fire – blasting at least five rounds into the police car.

One officer suffered shot in the left cheek and the bullet is now lodged in his skull, according to New Orleans Police Department superintendent Shaun Ferguson.

Mr Ferguson said: “Two of our officers were ambushed.”

The second officer received “minor abrasions” to his arm, he said.

The two cops were taken to hospital by other officers after the shooting.

Shocking images have also emerged showing the suspect lying face down on a pavement as officers surround him

It is believed witnesses helped cops take the man, who had a holser, into custody by pointing him out to officers.

Eye Witness Mitchell Thomas, who shopping nearby with his wife & kids after just collecting them from School, told Global247news what they heard and saw: ” We were just coming through the doors of the store, when there we heard ‘bang, bang, bang’ – and people hit he deck whilst we heard ‘ man down, man down’ – two individuals were running from the incident – people were shouting to cops arriving it’s them and they went in pursuit” he said.
“The cops captured the gunman very quickly, It was a shocking experience” he finished.  Global247News Twitter

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