Spain's Malaga police hassle people at airport and train station for reasons to be travelling

Malaga’s María Zambrano train station and Málaga–Costa del Sol Airport have seen beefed up patrols of police stopping people and asking them for reasons to be travelling.

To gain access to the airport, only those with a boarding pass were allowed in and all people who wanted to wait at arrivals were made to wait outside in the parking area or asked to not come into the airport at all.

Passengers complained of huge check-in queues and also that flights have bee delayed and even cancelled.

At the Maria Zambrano station in Malaga city, police were seen stopping all commuters whether arriving at or coming into the facility.

Police were even seen lining passengers up after arriving in the station and asking for identification and demanding reasons why they were travelling, especially from cities afar such as Madrid.

The stops come as regional President Juanma Moreno closed borders for all but ‘essential travel.’

Citizens are urged to check the Spanish government official website for more details.  Global247News Twitter

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