Spain national state of alarm pushed back to next year - new curfews in place

The Spanish government declared the second country-wide state of alarm of the coronavirus pandemic and will next review on May 9th 2021.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced on Sunday that regional governments will be in charge of implementing the coronavirus restrictions they see fit, and under the emergency situation will now be able to limit fundamental rights such as freedom of movement without having to first turn to the courts for authorization.

However, the overall national state of alarm has definitely been set until May 9th as of today after Sanchez sought the backing of lawmakers in Congress.

Curfews have been set from 11pm to 6am however, each individual municipality can set their own laws with regional governments having the power to oversee, rather than a centralized Madrid governance as seen in the spring lockdown of this year.

“We think we can get over it without a total lockdown, without stopping the country,” said Pedro Sánchez in a press conference while urging Spaniards to stay home.

A minimum curfew was set from 12 am to 7 am, which regional authorities can extend from 10 pm to 7 am which will be seen in Catalonia from Sunday.

However, Catalan interior minister, Miquel Sàmper, said that the powers given by Spain’s cabinet to regional governments to manage the state of alarm “are not enough.”

According to him, that under the state of alarm in force, Catalonia cannot impose a total lockdown, but only mobility restrictions, a night curfew and measures that had already been imposed, such as limiting social gatherings to six people.

The Canary Islands are the only region excluded from the state of alarm due to their low coronavirus cases and their reliability on tourism.

Salvador Illa, Spain’s interior minister said: “The Government is aware that citizens are beginning to be tired, but this is not the time to relax measures. We are facing weeks, months, which are going to be very hard. We still have a long horizon ahead of us. the parties will be different.

“The current scenario is very worrying at the gates of winter and therefore, and because a good number of autonomies have requested it, the Government has decided to approve such a long state of alarm. We are fully immersed in the second wave of the pandemic.”

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