Doctors of the World Charity wants covid signs translated for non English speaking UK residents

The R rate in London could be as high as 3 according to reports today.

Covid-19 is now spreading fastest in the capital raising fears of a Tier 3 London lockdown. The ‘R rate’ has catapulted to a best estimate of 2.9 in London, the highest rate in the country.

Figures released today by the Department of Health showed the virus was growing exponentially in the week to 25 October.  It means each infected person is estimated to pass on the virus to almost three other people.

However, the prevalence of coronavirus in the capital still remains lower than in other regions such as Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool and West Yorkshire, with less than one per cent of the capital’s population infected.

The authors of the report warned: “The epidemic is now increasing most rapidly in the Midlands and South.”

“Patterns of growth rate and the age distribution of cases in the South now are similar to those observed in northern regions during the prior two rounds of this study,” they said.

Analysis of coronavirus tests found that prevalence of Covid-19 across England more than doubled in the past week. Figures show 128 in every 100,000 people currently infected with the virus.  Global247News Twitter

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