Welsh chip shop owner bares all but hides his codling!

Owner of Penaluna’s Famous Fish & Chips bares all

Lee Penaluna, who runs the famous Fish & Chip shop in Hirwaun, South Wales has shared a photo of him holding his most popular dish, just to cover his modesty.
He said: “ As clothing isn’t essential but food is, here’s an essential Fish & Chips.”
Many customers were in deep fried shock when they first saw the photo before the banter started.
Dai Evans quipped: ” I’m glad he didn’t expose his jumbo sausage” whilst Maggie Wilson remarked ” Looks like whale and chips to me with all that blubber” she laughed.
Carpenter Jacob Tucker, from Talbot Green, who is missing his fish and chips, a customer of Lee’s when in the area, remarked “He’s a fine specimen of a man, just like myself – my wife Kimberley has me on a lockdown diet right now and I can’t get up Lee’s chippy either under the regulations, but he’s off his rocker posing like that but it’s all for a good cause – looks like he’s having a ‘whale’ of a time to be fair”
Chubby Lee, is keeping spirits up in the Welsh valleys whilst on lockdown and is actually raising money for charity.
You can also follow Lee’s new ‘Fish & Chips diet’ on their Facebook page, where he’s raising money for the British Heart Foundation and a local charity.

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