Neil McEvoy Assembly Member Campaigns For Gyms To Be Open In Wales

Cardiff AM Neil McEvoy campaigns for gyms to be open in South Wales

Neil McEvoy, Leader of the WNP. Member of the Senedd (Welsh Parliament) for South Wales Central, has embarked on campaigning for gyms to be open.

He started his latest campaign by making the following statement across his social media channels:

” I went toElympia Fitness in Cardiff to see the devastating effect the lockdown restrictions are having on people’s mental health.

Sometimes the gym is what is keeping people going. When you take everything from them – their family, their friends, their jobs – it’s these small things that make the difference.
Sadly, one member of Elympia did take his own life during the first lockdown. Now the manager, Otis Williams, is very concerned about what will happen as he closes his doors for a second time.
I believe that Welsh gyms should be reclassified as an essential service in Wales and be allowed to stay open, in a safe way, as they have been in Tier 3 areas of England.
These are people doing their best to stay healthy, physically and mentally, during very difficult times. But the Lockdown is stopping them from doing that.
If you’re struggling during the lockdown then please call the Samaritans on 116 123.”
McEvoy is seriously concerned about the mental health of the Welsh nation as they sit in lockdown for a second time.

Suicide rates are on the climb in Wales and the gym is one way to overcome mental health issues.

The Cardiff AM, is often banned from the Senedd in Wales by leader Mark Drakeford as he stands for the people of Wales and speaks his mind.

Meanwhile avid supporter, former alcoholic, Simon Davies from Pontypridd told Global247news how the gym saved his life but now being restricted is bringing back the urging pains for a drink, he said:

“Mark Drakeford, yes I blame him myself, is putting me back on the brink of taking a drink, my mind is one side telling me to have one, whilst the other is stopping me, I normally overcome this by going to the gym.

The gym saved my life, I was consuming 20 pints a day, every day, 7 days a week, I lost everything, my wife, my home, my job – eventually I turned it around and the gym is what stops me hitting the pub or bottle – it gives me mental strength” he said

“I’m a member of AA, will be for life, but the gym is my saviour like many in my position and there are hundreds of us – if it wasn’t for the gym I would be long gone by now” he further added.

” Drakeford will have the blood of recovering alcoholics if he doesn’t allow gyms open soon” he finished.  Global247News Twitter

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