Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh becomes the laughing stock as residents say he got 'egg on his face'

Yeovil Tory MP Marcus Fysh becomes laughing stock of the Yeovil community in Somerset as Boris Johnson makes U-turn

Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh got into a Twitter spat with a local headteacher over the weekend over free children’s meals but today was left with egg on his face after his leader made a U -turn.

Fysh and head teacher

Fysh, known for his late Saturday night rants on social media went as far as telling the Preston School headteacher ‘You should rein in your left-wing activist employees, not encourage them and spread lies’

The Tory MP then went on to say and accuse the headteacher of “lefty school propaganda”

After the spat, Fysh felt the need to make a public statement and attempted to defend both his and his parties actions, the statement read:

“People in positions of authority should try to avoid passing on false information, whether online or elsewhere. The information about MPs’ food allowances was completely untrue, and designed to attack the Government and divide people. I hope those involved will take the opportunity to correct the record. I would also hope the discussion around food hunger can move beyond this type of abuse.

“One of the reasons the Government has raised Universal Credit by up to £1000 a year is that it can help children from lower income families avoid the stigma that can sometimes be felt with other ways of getting help with food. The Government has also distributed £63million to local authorities to help struggling families in particular cases of local hardship not otherwise covered, or where payments from the welfare system might be delayed, and is helping with massive and unprecedented temporary support to jobs and business so people and their employers can make it through this difficult period. It has also provided funding to foodbanks at this time in case they experience demand they can’t meet through voluntary donations.

“Voucher systems can by contrast be less dignified and effective. I would welcome a fuller, more rational conversation on the whole issue and that starts with challenging the assumption that a life on vouchers for some children is the direction we want to head in.

“Please do not hesitate to contact me on 01935 314321 or at if you or your family are struggling to get what you need through existing structures. MPs can sometimes help with underlying issues as well as near term needs.”

Although today the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson made a U- turn after public pressure   to which locals in Yeovil feel left Fysh with ‘egg on his face’.

Thomas Wass, a store assistant manager in the town said: ” He got egg on his face there then didn’t he! – he’s really showed himself up this time, fancy attacking a headmaster like that”

Yvonne Travis commented: ” Boris threw Fysh under the bus making the change, I’m so glad he did, unfortunately locally we had to vote for Fysh to ensure Boris got the job, I don’t think many would otherwise – he’s never done anything good for Yeovil in all his time here”

Just outside the town in Stoke – Sub – Hamdon, Mick Chivers  said Fysh was an embarrassment to the town with his social media attacks on local residents, he said: It always happens on a Saturday night, maybe he has a tipple too many, who knows but its embarrassing – he’s attacked many, bit of a cyber bully really, there was no need whatsoever to attack the teacher – he was only saying what the rest of the area and nation think”

Fysh has yet to comment on the PM’s change of heart but it seems like the residents of Yeovil enjoyed him being ‘thrown under the bus’  Global247News Twitter

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