UK Police officer Timothy Brehmer found not guilty of strangling nurse to death

A Dorset police officer has been found not guilty of murder, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

PC Timothy Brehmer, 41, was accused of strangling to death nurse Claire Parry on May 9th 2020.

Miss Parry died in a pub car park in West Parley, Dorset.

Brehmer admitted causing the death of Mrs Parry but denied murder and after a lengthy trial he was found not guilty of the murder.

The court heard how the pair had met in 2005 through work and began an “on and off relationship” a few years later, despite both being married.

Brehmer told the court that the relationship turned ‘bonkers’ after Miss Parry’s marriage broke down.

The pair decided to meet at the Horns Inn in Dorset when Brehmer tried to removed Parry from his car so he could ‘go and kill himself’.

However, in the ensuing struggle, Brehmer said his arm was around her chest and “must have slipped up in the melee”.

Mrs Parry died of a brain injury due to compression to the neck after the struggle in the car.

Brehmer told the jury that Mrs Parry, 41, was angry and had “uncontrolled jealousy” because she had found out about a previous affair of his, leaving him feeling “desperate”, and he planned on killing himself.

“I couldn’t face the rejection from my family, I felt I didn’t have anyone I could talk to,” he said.

Brehmer will be sentenced for her manslaughter at a later date.

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