Saltash mother Kelly Davidson hears large monster rats in her home as she baths kids

A Saltash mother of four claims she hears large rats in her home at bath time with her kids

Kelly Davison, mother of four, has hit out at Cornwall’s housing department over rats in her home.

As she bathes her children she can feel and hear rats moving around her home.

The mother says the rat infestation at her Cornwall Housing property in Saltash is so bad it has left her and the family physically sick and often unable to use their bathroom.

She also cites despite countless calls to Cornwall Housing, the problem has yet to be fixed and that she can hear and feel rats under the bath whilst bathing the children in the evening.

“They are behind the toilet and sink which is boxed in. I’ve lodged two formal complaints with housing and called hundreds of times but they (Cornwall Housing) are not interested and do absolutely nothing to help.” she told local media.

“We’ve been here two years and the problem still isn’t solved. Someone came and put the rat poison down but they haven’t been back since and the smell is worse than ever.

The mother then revealed how they have to use a caravan for toilet use, she said” The smell just lingers and every morning makes us sick. It’s disgusting, rotting like faeces. Thank goodness I have the best childminder. I can take the children to hers for baths and we have a caravan for toilet use.

“I’ve already bought a new bathroom suite, I just need them to take it all apart and find out how they’re coming in. I don’t care how pretty a new bathroom is, I just want one that functions.

“I’m constantly being fobbed off and we’re so desperate for this to get sorted.”

Cornwall housing department have yet to comment.

Meanwhile rat catcher Marvin Helliar who runs a pest control operation in Plymouth told Global247news: ” Some of the largest rats we catch funny enough are caught in Saltash, we have had some right monsters – we feel for Kelly but until the council call us  in for a job there is nothing we can do”

“It does sound like a large infestation, she won’t be doing anything wrong herself, it will be the housing” he said.  Global247News Twitter

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