Married British man who hacked women's webcams to watch them undress faces FBI extradition to the USA

A British man who hacked his way into hundreds of webcams across the world faces the brunt of justice in America as authorities there have sought extradition.

Christopher Taylor, 57, spied on 772 victims across 39 different countries from his home in Wigan, England between August 2012 and July 2015.

And now, American authorities are seeking justice for crimes against their citizens.

Taylor, who is married, was caught after he tried to hack into an Atlanta student’s webcam and the FBI tracked his IP address to his home in the UK.

Taylor faces up to 20 years in prison on federal crimes and he and his wife told a judge in the UK that they will both commit suicide if he is extradited to face justice stateside.

Taylor tricked the unsuspecting women into downloading the ‘Cammy’ software that allowed him to take control of their webcams by packaging it as a recognisable computer program, Westminster Magistrates Court in London heard.

Cammy is listed as an ‘all in one camera alarm system’ on the company’s LinkedIn page.

Taylor was caught after a security alert was triggered when the Atlanta student used her university network to download the software.

Taylor was tracked and arrested by Greater Manchester police and then interviewed by FBI agent Roderick Coffin where Taylor confessed to the crimes.

Westminster court heard that Taylor had hacked into the victim’s webcams and caught them in various stages of undress.

It is believed around 52 of the victims are from his home nation of the UK.

‘I’m just not coping at all. I’m having bad thoughts about ending my life. I’m so sorry for what I’ve done,’ Taylor told the judge.

‘I would never come back or I would come back in a coffin I know I would and I know my wife wouldn’t be here to stand it, I know she would end her life too I know she would. I’m so sorry.’

A Georgia grand jury indicted Taylor with charges of wire and computer fraud in January 2019 and Taylor faces federal prison there.  Global247News Twitter

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