Date night takes a different turn in Barry for Welsh Couple During Lockdown

Date night continues for Welsh couple in Barry South Wales despite lockdown

A randy Welsh couple on lockdown were sure they were not going to miss out on their date night despite being on lockdown

Sarah George and her longstanding hubby George – normally hit the finest pubs and restaurants in Barry when love is in the air, but due to the Welsh Governments lockdown of the nation, romance seemed doomed.

Although the couple had a better idea and were determined the lockdown would not beat their passion.

The couple decided to go out and purchase a luxury motorhome and turn it into a passion wagon, although not being able to take it for a spin, the couple moved out of their Barry home and took to the driveway.

Sarah took to social media to tell the world as she said: “Date night…. If you can’t go away… Bring away to you .. Me and G tonight”

Earlier she had seduced George with a cheeky message saying: “Getting ready to grow old together… Just me and you Mr G..” as she pictured herself in the new passion wagon.

Getting ready to grow old together... Just me and you Mr G..
Getting ready to grow old together… Just me and you Mr G!

Sarah took to her new oven, cooking the pair a romantic lamb shank and pouring the bubbly, before retiring to their new bed.

Ready for a shank George?

The grandmother who doesn’t look a day over 30, neighbours said is delighted with her new motorhome and feel it was a fantastic way to share a ‘date night’  although the players dressing room at Barry Town Football Club, where football star son Mikey plays, may have a little more banter after one of the players passed as the homes lights dimmed, he said: ” Let’s put it this way – as a mechanic I could tell there was nothing wrong with the suspension, that’s for sure” he chuckled.

As the news as it does in a small community broke this morning residents of Barry commented on the fantastic idea

David Davies said: ” Sarah’s a great girl, old George has always been punching above his weight – but they are great couple, she’s  a fitness fanatic and it shows, I guess she has to keep the fitness up!” he laughed.


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