Coronavirus Expert Slams Spain's Canary Islands On Introducing COVID testing

As Spain’s Canary Island governors throw Brit’s into travelling chaos virus expert say’s its crazy

Spain’s Canary Islands as reported threw holidaying Brit’s into chaos last night as they introduced new testing regulations.

New regulations enforced, state that visitors to the Islands will  have to present a negative test certificate up to 72 hours before trying to enter, the Spanish government announced.

The announcement caused yet another holidaying headache for British tourists wishing some Winter sun, especially with so many having summer holidays cancelled.

Travel agents saw a surge in bookings when it was announced previously that no quarantine regulations would apply on returning to Britain.

Budget airline Easyjet immediately saw flights go from 20 to 30 passengers to full capacity on the majority of flights.

Although now – with the latest regulations on testing put in place, booked Brit’s are having to rush out to obtain negative certificates whilst having to pay high fees on many occasions to purchase a test.

A COVID expert though says the decision is ‘crazy’ and says there is no way the testing will work and believes its an unnecessary test with possibly a hidden agenda.

Andy Simmons from Reading, who was deployed by the British Government’s Whitehall to undertake various COVID tests, before and after repatriating British Nationals to Britain at the start of the pandemic told Global247news this morning why he feels it will not work, he said:

Simmons on Sky News

” I have had every test going for COVID in scientific operations and studies, I had to travel with inbound infected persons flown into Brize Norton

“I was also deliberately given the Coronavirus to monitor my immune system and various other tests” he stated.

” The bottom line is, without getting scientific, it takes 4/5 days for any symptoms to develop and positive testing to show – having a 72 hour negative test means nothing, you could easily have COVID and the test will not show it

“In essence, you could travel with the virus anyway, even if test results show negative, so forcing travellers to provide a test is ‘crazy’ just causing more headaches for those wishing to travel, there I believe is another agenda behind it or the Spanish are just doing things backwards” he claims.

“it’s totally overboard to lay these new regulations on Winter travellers” he continued.

Simmons then delivered his thoughts on travel to mainland Spain as he said: “Mainland Spain is being hard done by, I recently returned from 2 trips both to Benalmadena and Benidorm for scientific purposes at regional hospitals, naturally a lot of it is confidential – but what I can tell you is they are very safe holiday areas and in my opinion should not be under quarantine conditions, I actually filed a report on this to the establishment”

” Sadly in my opinion, the government are killing British business in Spain for no reason – it’s clear people are prepared to travel just looking at the Canary Islands, there’s no difference to holiday towns such as Benidorm or Benalmadena, in fact the whole of the Costa del Sol” he finished

Simmons driving infected repatriates unprotected


Meanwhile booked holidaymakers are outraged by the late Spanish decision.

Budget airlines placed their full focus on the Canary Islands as it became quarantine travel free, but now feel let down as the latest regulation was introduced at a later date.

Mary Pilkinton told of her fury, she said: “Quarantine got lifted and the noise from the Canary Islands was ‘come, come, come’ – as soon as everyone has booked – change the regulation, I have had three trips to Benidorm cancelled this year, that was a headache and as stressful as it comes, packing, unpacking and disappointing the grandchildren 3 times, and now this, now wh have to rush out and obtain certificates and find tests” she said.


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