Breaking news: UK PM Boris Johnson to complete sensational U-turn on school dinners after nation outcry

Downing Street are said to be doing a sensational turn around on the termination of free school meals for British children.

The government have faced huge backlash this week after voting against Labour’s motion to extend a free school meal voucher scheme for needy children.

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford even pledged to fight for the children and called for citizens of the UK to back him.

And now, Boris Johnson is said to be willing to extend the Holiday Activity and Food programme which was created over the summer to help school children in need of food.

Millions of British children need free school meals each day whilst at school due to being in low income families and the scheme was launched to help those who were struggling at home due to the pandemic.

However, the Tories vetoed to have the scheme removed which caused national outrage.

However, Dr Robert Wilson who is an advocate on child development said that giving children free meals on the next school holiday – which will be Christmas – ‘doesn’t remotely cover the problem.’

Speaking on BBC’s Newsnight, Dr Wilson said that poor nutrition leads to ‘a rise in depression and a decrease in cognitive ability, you can’t learn when you’re starving’.  Global247News Twitter

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