Spain Breaking News: 133 year sentence handed out to man who killed 5 Spanish priests

Andalusian President, Juanma Morena, has said that he is considering closing the communities borders soon in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.

The tweet reads: ““It hurts my soul because I know it will limit the activity of many businesses, but we may have to close the community this weekend. Tomorrow we will decide after listening to the experts. We have to stop the contagion because the data, for now, is not good.”

If the borders are closed it will cause more heartache as well as financial loss to the region- as businesses are already suffering badly.

A full announcement on the situation is to be delivered tomorrow.

Meanwhile Mark Sutherland, who operates the Luna Bar in Fuengirola told Global247news after the tweet: ” What else are they going to throw at us? – nothing surprises me anymore”  Global247News Twitter

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