100,000 citizens in California evacuated due to raging wildfires

More than 100,000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders from as wildfires rage across Southern California.

Santa Ana winds have caused the fires to spread across miles of land along the west coast.

It has led to 100,000 citizens being moved as the fire spread from the Santa Ana Canyon.

As Ed Pascasio fled from the Silverado Fire on Monday afternoon with his wife, niece and sister-in-law, he watched embers flying toward their neighborhood.

“The sky was orange, kind of like doomsday,” Pascasio said. “I’ve never seen it change dramatically that fast.”

The fire in the area has scorched over 11,000 acres of land, including residential areas.

Two firefighters have also been badly burned.

The firefighters, ages 26 and 31, were both placed on ventilators after suffering second- and third-degree burns over half their bodies.

Orange County Fire Authority Chief Brian Fennessy said: “This is tough for me, tough for all my firefighters and certainly for the families of my two injured firefighters.”

“They’re gravely injured,” he said. “We’re doing all we can for them.”

60,000 people were evacuated yesterday in the area south of Los Angeles and many more are expected to be moved in the coming days.

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