Welshman from Taffs Well on the lockdown run heads now to Athens

A COVID protestor from the village of Taffs Well now heads to Athens

A COVID protestor who defied the Welsh governments local lockdown regulations and scarpered to a bolthole in Crete before the ‘fire breaker’ full lockdown, is on the move again.

Andy Parsells, from Taffs Well has been updating his followers on his social media channels as he and fellow assailant Andrew Simmons stay on the run, despite wanting to be interviewed by South Wales Police after flouting local lockdown regulations.

The pair who originally purchased return tickets back to Bristol airport, decided to stay on the run as word got back to them from friends. Although Simmons despite being Welsh is in the clear, as he had been residing in Cornwall.

Parsells gloated to his fans on social media – they now move onto Athens, whilst posting their travel plans.

Travel plans

After posting their route Parsells told how the pair have switched hire cars to evade detection and have today been hiding out in a cave, he posted: “Today took us up the mountain and into a cave to hide out -and to the church of st Michael while we waited for the sun to come out and whilst we did took a few prayers in”

Whilst the pair evade capture – some residents in the Village are calling for the Welsh Government to call in Interpol.

Antony Webb, said: ” They are taking the Michael – never mind visiting his church, the Welsh Government need to set an example  and call in Interpol otherwise half the village will be heading to Benidorm next” he stated.

Parsells hasn’t been heard from since he said he was going underground earlier this afternoon.

His thousands of followers on social media though are not concerned as Mark Dickford said: ” That pair will turn up they are like a boomerang they always come back” he said.




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