Welsh Anti COVID campaigner Steven Thomas denies invading Bristol yesterday

Police have taken down an offensive installation from the former plinth of Edward Colston’s statue in Bristol city centre.

A dummy with a coronavirus particle for a face, wearing a police hat and holding a mask in a Nazi salute, was placed atop the Colston Avenue pedestal yesterday.

The piece is believed to have been put up at around 3.45pm. Police took it down by 5.30pm.

A Bristol City Council spokeswoman said: “Avon and Somerset police removed an object that was placed on the plinth where the Colston statue used to stand.”

The plinth has attracted several installations since the bronze statue of 17th century slave trader Edward Colston was toppled and dumped in the River Avon during a Black Lives Matter demonstration on June 7.

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees has said any objects put up without permission will be removed and “the people of Bristol will decide its future”.

Although chief suspect Anti COVID demonstrator Steven Thomas, who has Bristol heritage and lived in the region for many years claims it wasn’t him.

Thomas, who now resides in the Welsh valleys and has led many campaigns, including naked trips to supermarkets told Global247news: ” Nope – not down to me that one, or any of my supporters although I think it was fantastic and well done to who ever did it” he said.

“I bet that was a gert shock to Bristol council – I’m currently planning my next campaign but that was a good un!”

“I am a bit gutted I didn’t think of that one myself” he laughed.

Although Andy Parsells, from Taffs Well is not convinced. Parcells one of Thomas’s ring leaders who has bunked the Welsh lockdown and currently in Crete said from his bolthole: ” We don’t call him the chief for nothing – if he didn’t actually do it, I bet he knows who did – especially with all his Bristol connections”



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