Siesta cancelled in Spain and replaced with CURFEW as expats rally to support businesses

British expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca are cancelling their siesta to support businesses

As expats in Spain were hit yesterday with yet another regulation in the fight against Coronavirus infections – this time a curfew, British expats are cancelling their siesta’s.

The Spanish long standing tradition of having an afternoon nap has been taken up by the majority of British expats in Spain but they are now vowing to cancel it as curfew regulations are enforced upon them.

Expats under curfew

Businesses, such as bars and restaurants have had a horrific year financially due to the pandemic.

Whilst hundreds have gone out of business on both Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca – many are fighting on but the latest Spanish regulation of a curfew could be one too many for some.

Although expats in both regions are calling for siesta time to be boycotted for the time being with the slogan ‘Dinner is now lunch time’ appealing for people to eat out earlier during the afternoon rather than the evening.

Dai Evans, who now lives in Fuengirola after leaving his home town in Pontyclun, South Wales, is one of those persons ditching his afternoon nap.

He told Global247news how he will skip his siesta in favour of eating out earlier to support his local bars, he said:

” This curfew could be the hang mans noose if we don’t change our patterns whilst the curfew is in place – at present the bars are dead in the daytime but pick up slightly in the evenings bring welcome trade for owners who desperately need it

” I can see all establishments folding if we don’t take some action and now” he said in his Welsh dulcet tones.

” We could end up with nothing left here if we are not careful, I like many will go out earlier now for a few beers and something to eat and skip my siesta time and just go to bed earlier in the evening”

Former Yeovil resident Jimmy Stones, an avid football fan, now living in La Cala on the Costa del Sol said: “This curfew could tip bars and restaurants over the edge – take the football, the games are being played later, with IPTV they are a big attraction for fans to head to the bars, I can’t see fans wishing to watch half a game and then leg it home for the second half” he said the long life Yeovil Town supporter.

” Whilst I’m no glory hunter and loyal to my club – I do like to pop up the Irish bar in La Cala and watch the Champions league, but that won’t be happening this season now, I know my favourite bars will be hit hard with this, so I have seen the campaign to cancel siesta time and will join it” he said

” I’ll get out early instead to support the businesses and watch the games at home, although I have spoken to one of my landlords and he’s planning on re running the games the next day”

“Spain wouldn’t be worth living in with out the bars – they make life here but they are seriously under threat now” the West Country man finished.

Further down the coast line on Spain’s Costa Blanca, two Cardiff Supporters, Alun Davies & Kelvin Jones are urging for residents in Benidorm to do exactly the same as they said: ” It’s not just the football, not for us anyway, thankfully the Bluebirds get decent slot times and of course we aren’t quite in the Champions league yet but we have to really support business now, more than ever, we call for all expats to cancel their siesta’s and get out earlier, you can have your kip and cwtch later” they say.

Bar owner Kevin Davies, in Benidorm told how he thought it was a fantastic idea, the former Pontypridd bar owner said:

” We need to turn the tradition of Spanish to Welsh, instead of the siesta – get out early sink some Bow – sleep it off later whilst the  Mrs watches Emmerdale ” he laughed,

“But seriously, we need all the support we can get right now and It’s lovely to see the public attempt to support us like this”




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