Police lose records of sex offenders and offences reported

Greater Manchester police have been wrongly cancelling crime records that include sexual offences and robbery.

Government inspectors highlight the mistakes in a new report.

The force says the errors were small in number, but since the report it has made changes to the way crimes are recorded.

But GMP Assistant Chief Constable, Rob Potts, said: “One inaccuracy is one too many and we must not be complacent in our efforts to make further improvements.”

Since the report a dedicated team has been set up in GMP to improve standards of crime recording.

Investigations into the forces recordings of crimes, 25% of robberies had been erased and ditched as well as 5% of sexual offenders.

Local businessman in Oldham Raj Patel told Global247news: ” What hope have we got when the police force can’t even keep records of reported crimes, especially serious ones like sex offenders, It’s farcical, it really is, we are supposed to be able to rely on the police”

Also the BBC Shared Data Unit investigation reveals that at least 19 forces had been found to have wrongly cancelled reports of rape in their last inspection.

Similarly, 38 forces had incorrectly cancelled at least one report of a sexual offence, 37 had wrongly cancelled reports of violent crime, and 28 had wrongly cancelled reports of robbery.

In some cases, victims were not informed the crimes had been cancelled, against Home Office guidance.


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