Escaping to Wales family pulled by cops and thrown out of the country

A family trying to make a break to Wales – pulled by the cops

A family that drove for over 5 hours to get to Wales from their home in Sussex were turned around and sent back by police as their journey was deemed “non-eesential”.

Police stopped the family in the early hours of Friday 23rd October near Whitland in Carmarthenshire as they were travelling along the A40.

Police said that, depsite the length of their journey, they were escorted back out of the county.

The new restrictions for Wales, including a 17 day “firebreak” lockdown, started at 6pm on Friday and is set to continue until 9th November. Under these rules people have been asked not to make unecessary journeys and to stay at home unless they have to shop for essentials, need exercise or to seek/provide care.Carmarthenshire Police took to Twitter and said that the family had travelled for over 5 hours for a “non-essential” reason.

They went on to say “The occupants were suitably advised and escorted out of county.” The lockdown rules were quite clear regarding travel advice and also shops have been told they cannot sell non-essential items.

This sparked harsh criticism from people who said why is alcohol allowed to be sold but clothers were not. First Minister Mark Drakeford said on Sunday that supermarkets must use their discretion regarding sale items.

He went on to say that people may need to purchase items for unexpected reasons which they could not have foreseen. He said in an interview with ITV Wales News “I won’t need – I don’t think – to buy clothing over this two weeks and I think many, many people in Wales will be in that position too. For me, it won’t be essential. But I recognise that there will be some people who for entirely unexpected reasons which they couldn’t have foreseen will need to buy items. In those circumstances where those welfare reasons are at stake, we will make sure that our supermarkets understand they have the discretion to apply the rules differently.”  Global247News Twitter

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