Eastenders director FIRED for bringing Covid-19 onto the set

Eastenders first assistant director Joe Nugent spent two days on the set even though he was positive with the coronavirus.

Nugent had taken a test for the virus two days previously after coming down with symptoms between the 17th and 18th of October.

Despite this he continued to work on filming of the popular show at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire without telling anyone that he was awaiting results.

However, the test came back positive and he was sensationally fired from the show.

“Senior actors were livid and felt let down. There was talk of a mutiny. He was given the boot, partly to assuage cast members,” said a source from the show.

A letter written to EastEnders staff read: “You will all have heard we had an active Covid case on site.

“This should serve as a reminder that keeping ourselves and our colleagues safe is an ongoing situation and a shared responsibility.”

Another EastEnders source said that actors nearing the at-risk age bracket had felt ‘livid’ and ‘let down’.

They added: ‘There was talk of a mutiny. He was given the boot, partly to assuage cast members.’

Since filming resumed in June all staff members have been regularly tested for covid-19.

Popular cast member Danny Dyer said he has taken two tests which have both returned negative.



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