Dog owner in Spain's Marbella warns of fighting dogs loose on the beach

A responsible dog owner has warned on Spain’s Costa del Sol of fighting dogs roaming loose on the beach

Maria Leskinen issued the stark warning after her own dog was attacked and mauled close to death by the fighting dog.

She took to social media to say: “My dog Diesel is at the moment in Emergency Vet Hospital in Marbella. I was sitting on the beach, PLAYA DE SAN PEDRO, with my partner, and Diesel beside me. Two fighting dogs attacked Diesel, both free and out of control of their owner, the English guy in the picture. I jumped in, got hurt on my back and on my leg.

My partner was able to separate one of the dogs away from Diesel.

Diesel was badly injured, he is very lucky that the fighting dog did not have time to rip his leg off.

What did the English dog owner do? He blamed our dog (sitting beside me in leash), and after I called Police, he run away with his dogs in his Range Rover.

The pictures of him are within Police. Please, share as much as possible, specially in Marbella area. We don’t want this happen again!”

What appears to be a brutal attack, has Spanish police now on full alert seeking the alleged perpetrator and his wild dogs.

If you see the Range Rover or the owner of the dogs you are urged to call the police and report the location.

Dog owner in Spain's Marbella warns of fighting dogs loose on the beach
Fighting dog owner on the run
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