Covid-19: Outrage as baby milk classed as 'non-essential' in Tescos but alcohol stays as 'essential'

Tescos has sparked outrage as they put a sign next to baby milk saying it was ‘non-essential.’

The Tesco store in Cardiff denied selling the milk formula to a desperate mother whilst alcohol on nearby shelves was deemed ‘essential.’

New mum Zoe Price, 27, has now hit out at the store and government over what could have been mistaken for a ban on sales of baby milk.

She said: “This is crazy – I can buy a Babycham but I can’t buy baby milk.

“I don’t know who is right or wrong anymore. It could be a Tesco mistake or it could be the Govt rules – whatever it shows that the whole situation is completely crazy.

“Nobody knows what is going on. The danger is that people will follow their own rules and that could put us all in danger.”

Wales is currently under a 17 day ‘firebreak’ lockdown in a bid to curtail the coronavirus from spreading further.

Mark Drakeford, a Labour leader for Wales, has said that shops and markets can now use their ‘discretion’.

He said: ‘I recognise that there will be some people who for entirely unexpected reasons which they couldn’t have foreseen will need to buy items.

‘In those circumstances where those welfare reasons are at stake, we will make sure that our supermarkets understand they have the discretion to apply the rules differently.’

It came just hours after women in Tesco were told they could not buy sanitary towels because the products were also non-essential causing a brief disagreement between Tesco and the Welsh Government as the shop blamed the authority – while it claimed they were wrong.  Global247News Twitter

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