Beers, cheers and tears as a raptuous Melbourne celebrates the end of lockdown

Residents of the city of Melbourne, Australia received the news at 3.30pm on Monday that the lockdown, which had been in place for several months, was coming to an end. The announcement was made by the Premier David Andrews.

People rejoiced and cheered, beers were drunk and car horns could be heard all over the city.

As from midnight on Tuesday cafes, bars and restaurants will re-open and people will be free to leave their homes for any reason they like.

The city’s residents have been waiting for this moment for a very long time and were overcome with emotion.

As Andrews made his announcement people went on social media to say it looked like he was about to cry.

The floodgates of emotion were opened to millions of resident across the city.

During the press conference people cracked open bottles of beer to toast the long awaited for announcement.

Author Andrea Rowe said she was collecting her daughter from school and was in her car when the news came over the radio. She said that people were honking their horns and flashing headlights in a state of frenzied euphoria.

When reporters asked Andrews about his famous quote at the start of lockdown back in March when he said “you can’t have your mates round and get on the beers” he replied that he was going to reach for the spirit bottle now !!  Global247News Twitter

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