Yeovil, Benidorm & Fuengirola are the safest towns in Europe right now say travel expert doctor

A travel expert doctor based on Spain’s Costa del Sol claims that Yeovil in Somerset, Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol and Benidorm on the Costa Blanca are the safest towns in Europe.

Dr Hayman, a private doctor who has travelled the world with the rich and famous, including Formula One drivers and football players especially, told Global247news of his findings and latest travels.

The doctor said: ” A report came out this week that Yeovil in Somerset was the safest town in the UK right now with the lowest rate of Coronavirus infections, so I took the opportunity to visit the town this week to see for myself whilst in the area visiting clients”

Safest Town In UK

” The town on arrival, seems to be doing nothing different to other UK towns apart from the behaviour of the towns residents – they are taking the virus seriously and adhering to all regulations quite clearly”

” I strode through the town, the majority were wearing masks – despite non compulsory there and social distancing was very apparent”

The celebrity doctor went onto say: ” It was my first visit to the small market town, I was very impressed by the mentality of the town’s residents taking matters very seriously – clearly it was a mentality thing, more than extra regulations, the people are behaving and following all regulations as well as taking extra precautions on top, I could only commend them” he said.

” It’s no surprise why the town hit the national news this week as the safest town in Britain” he commented.

The doctor though was not impressed as he flew back to Benidorm from Bristol as he remarked: ” Upon entering the city you could see the clear lack of responsibility – like a city mentality, you could call it – clearly regulations were frowned on and not observed with a lack of respect to the virus, although the airport itself was well regulated”

“I personally believe Benidorm, Fuengirola and Yeovil Town are the safest towns in Europe right now” he went on to say.

” I felt so safe on my arrival in Benidorm, I haven’t been there for 6 years now, the town should be very proud of itself, despite the lack of travellers there at present, every resident and establishment I saw was taking matters very seriously it’s probably the safest holiday destination in Europe – to be honest, I’m struggling to see why holidaymakers who go there need to be quarantined on their return”

“You would be very unlucky to catch Coronavirus there, from what I witnessed.”

Dr Hayman, who’s now travelled back to his home on the Costa del Sol also praised his nearest town, Fuengirola, he said: ” It’s right up there with safety and regulations being followed, ok it’s very quiet at present again like Benidorm, but the majority of locals are very disciplined – ok the town has a couple of extremists on social media like a Mr Shattock who believes I feel, there is no virus – but thankfully the majority protect their town and it should be applauded” he finished.




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