Watch as crowd at Trump rally chant "We hate CNN" after President calls them "Fake news"

Donald Trump fans chanted that “CNN sucks” after the president mocked the news network during his rally in Wisconsin.

Thousands of people dressed in MAGA scarves and hats packed into the Waukesha County Airport in Wisconsin on Saturday.

Mr Trump was holding several rallies in the area which is a key state for the Presidency which will be held in under ten days time.

The President brought up the fake news and how they support presidential rival Joe Biden when he laughed as he brought up CNN and they turned off their cameras.

“See, every time I say the words CNN they turn their cameras off!” the President said.

The crowd then chanted “CNN sucks, CNN sucks” over and over in droves.

The crowd also chanted “”lock him up” as Trump brought up Joe Biden.

Biden is under investigation about money received from Russia and Ukraine and whether he played any part on politics in the countries.

“This should never happen to another president again – they spied on our campaign,” he continued, before mocking Obama for “[coming] on to the scene today.”

“[Biden’s] at 50 percent,” Trump added. “And at 50 percent he wins. You explain: is politics crazy or what?”

The President will campaign in multiple cities and states before the election on November 3rd in a bid to gain the support he needs to win the Presidency for another four years.  Global247News Twitter

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