UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak and three other Tory politicians barred for life from pub and restaurant

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been barred for life from a pub in his constituency over his decision to vote against providing free meals to eligible school children during the half-term holidays.

Sunak – aswell as three fellow Tory politicians – were barred from the ‘Mill & Il Mulino’ in Stokesley, North Yorkshire.

The owner named as Alex Cook, took to Facebook to express his outrage at the Chancellor and his cronies.

He said: “The government voted against extending free school meals. This is disgusting! What’s worse Matt Vickers MP Simon Clarke MP & Jacob Young – MP for Redcar & Cleveland Rishi Sunak all voted against the scheme. DISGUSTING!

“All 4 are now barred from The Mill & Il Mulino for life. I don’t want there business (sic).”

The restaurant also shared a screen shot of a food menu for the House of Commons, which shows the price of meals – including a sirloin steak and chips for just £11.77 – which are subsidised by the taxpayer.

“Shame on our government, this is so wrong!”

Cook also said: “Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week I will deliver 100 freshly cooked healthy meals to three separate food banks in the Middlesbrough area.”

The outburst and barring comes as the UK government voted overwhelmingly not to extend the free school meal scheme over the upcoming half-term break – by 322 votes to 261 – and onwards to Easter 2021.

The move has been heavily criticised, with one Conservative MP, Caroline Ansell, quitting her government job over it.

The other three Tory politicians barred were named as Matt Vickers MP, Simon Clarke MP & Jacob Young MP who all work in the same constituency where the restaurant is based.  Global247News Twitter

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