Tent cities no more: Homeless foreigners to be deported once Britain leaves the EU

UK Home secretary Priti Patel has drawn up her plan to remove homeless foreigners who are wandering the streets of Britain once the nation leaves the EU at the end of December.

Her new measures will grant the Home Officer permission to remove rough sleepers who do not hold a British passport.

Her plans show that those who are foreign nationals from the EU who do not go for help provided by charities to nullify their homeless status will be removed.

Even those who commit crimes such as ‘aggressive begging’ can be removed from British shores, reports suggest.

The tent cities which have been erected across parts of the UK – mainly areas of London – will also be disbanded.

But it is reported these powers will be used ‘very sparingly and only as a last resort’ against homeless migrants who commit anti-social behaviour, or low-level crime which may not meet the normal criteria for deportation.

More than a quarter of rough sleepers in the UK are thought to be foreign nationals.

‘The UK will be safer thanks to firmer and fairer border controls,’ said Ms Patel.

However, charities feel the hard stance may stop foreigners from seeking help incase they are kicked out of the country.

Ms Patel is to also draw up new measures for those foreigners who commit crime in the country and to refuse entry to those already labelled with a criminal record although a joint database system is yet to be set up.




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