Stalker George Coughlan gets 21 months jail time

A stalker has been jailed after harassing his victim using 61 various social media accounts to follow her every move.

George Coughlan, 33, used 19 fake Instagram accounts to hurl abuse at the woman.

He also managed to hack into her CCTV system in her home and was caught after he sent her a video of her relaxing in her front room watching television.

After receiving the video the victim, who was known to Coughlan, called the police and he was subsequently arrested on the 29th February.

Police went through his mobile phone and found hundreds of messages to the woman sent between last December and the time he was arrested.

In just one of the scary messages he typed “I will mek it my dying breath to mek ur life end too. And his. On the baby’s graves n my dadsa grave. That’s how much I mean it now. F***in dead to me. N u will be f***ed soon now. U will av nothin (sic).” after the victim blocked him he used another profile name, “whymekitworse” to send another sinister message which read “Uv av to do it don’t ya. Ok u blocked me once that’s it. I’m tekkij to the next step. Expect a visit. I ay even say in wen (sic).”

During their investigation police discovered that Coughlan had searched for phrases  “log into iCloud without verification” and “free mobile phone tracker without user knowing”. It was also found that he had researched buying spyware to track the victim’s phone, including her GPS movements. After admitting to the charges of stalking to cause serious alarm and distress he was jailed on Friday for 21 months at Wolverhampton Court.  Global247News Twitter

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