Mark Drakeford makes Wales The Laughing Stock Of The World As Campaigner Prepares Naked Stance

Welsh leader Mark Drakeford has made Wales the laughing stock of the world claims valleys campaigner

Steven Thomas from the Welsh valleys and a vocal campaigner against Welsh leader Mark Drakeford over his lockdown tactics has now claimed that he has made Wales the laughing stock of the world.

As Wales goes into its first few days of what has been regarded as a ‘fire breaker’ by the Welsh government – in English a 17 day lockdown period – fury is erupting within the citizenship of Wales and already forcing leader Drakeford to make U turns in his stance.

Under fire Drakeford took to his Twitter account to reveal he is already preparing to review lockdown procedures after the residents of Wales turned on their leader.

Scenes in the Principality saw residents of Wales, blocked from purchasing so called ‘non essential goods’ such as clothes and books in supermarkets whilst the sections were cordoned off to the public by crates and crates of booze.

Booze but no clothes

Beers, wine and sprits are classed in Wales as ‘essential’ although the leader has shut down every Welsh pub in the nation and allowing it’s sales in supermarkets, whilst banning the sales of clothes.

Although tee total campaigner Steven Thomas, one of the leading figures in Wales, leading anti COVID campaigns, has announced how the world is laughing at Wales an making it the ‘laughing stock of the world’

” I have a global network of supporters who agree with me about my stance over COVID restrictions but quite frankly they are laughing their faces off at Wales right now – I’m getting constant comments from all over Europe and the rest of the world, my phone doesn’t stop”

” The whole world can’t believe what Drakeford is doing to our nation – you can’t buy a onesie but you can buy a bottle of Johnny Walker! to keep out the winter blues” he exclaimed.

“The world is now laughing at us – and it’s all because we have a complete Marxist idiot in control”

” This is not the people voting this in, this is not the leaders of Wales voting this in – some AM’s have even been blocked from the chambers of powers as they wished to vote against, take Neil Mcevoy  for example, he has a different opinion and they banned him”

Drakeford’s Arch Rival BANNED

“This is all Drakeford’s personal thoughts – not the people of Wales – he’s made us a total laughing stock globally whilst he kills Welsh business”

” We need to rise as a nation and the people overturn this baffoon- he’s killing us all, it’s now time for ‘power to the people’ we can’t continue like this.”

Thomas, clearly upset by the latest actions of Drakeford, was banned this weekend from taking out one of his campaign walks, which he had planned from Swansea to Bridgend as the police intervened with a warning.

“Drakeford has me down as a marked man – it’s getting personal – I know how Tommy Robinson feels now” he said.

” Well Mr Drakeford, you won’t stop me – what are you going to do today when I walk into Tesco naked to buy some clothes? – offer me a bottle of whisky?” Thomas questioned.

The question posed by Steven has lead to his thousands of followers and supporters feeling that Sunday his next stance will be to enter the supermarket naked in an attempt to purchase clothes, Gareth Hughes a vocal supporter of Thomas’s told Global247news his thoughts.

The former school headmaster, from Newport said: ” I know Steven personally, we have been friends for many years, I agree with the majority that he says, he clearly is very upset and the speculation now is that he will enter a supermarket tomorrow naked”

” The establishment have stopped his campaign walks and he’s defiantly plotting something” finished the school teacher.

Meanwhile Thomas’s campaign cohorts have been arranging posters of the Welsh leader to go out both on social media and plan to post them up around Wales whilst out on ‘essential trips’  – Chris Jacob, who joins Thomas on his campaign walks said:

” We are getting the posters prepared, we will fight our corner, we need to overturn the leader of Wales – he’s a dangerous man”

Mark Drakeford makes Wales The Laughing Stock Of The World As Campaigner Prepares Naked Stance
The planned poster




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