Claire Balding Reveals she has lost 90% of her hearing

Clare Balding reveals hearing issues

Sports presenter Clare Balding has admitted that she has lost 90% of her hearing capability and often has to guess what people are saying to her.

She said that very often her wife, Alice Arnold, has to tell her to stop shouting.

Her revelation came as she was filming a new panel show for DAVE televisoin channel called “Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable”. on the show, which sees stars tell of their most shameful moments, Clare said “I really need to get my ears done. I’m at about ten percent and I guess the rest.

My wife keeps saying to me, ‘Stop shouting!’ because I’m clearly over-projecting because I can’t hear myself.” Clare, 49, is currently in the process of promoting her new book called “Heroic Animals: 100 Amazing Creatures Great And Small which tells of her absolute love of animals and has 100 short factual stories of animals and their trust and loyalty throughout the years.

While being interviewed by the BBC about the book she said that her life has been shaped more by animals than people.

Clare, who was once herself an amateur jockey before becoming a presenter, said “They’ve made me kinder, more patient and more responsible. I think a lot of people feel the same although maybe not a lot say it. But then not many people say they love their pet more than their partner, and I think in some cases that’s definitely true. Animals make me happy and that is infectious as it makes other people happy and it means you end up being a very warm person I hope because you’re used to giving warmth from your pet and they give it back. It’s reciprocal. There’s lots of things I’ve learned from having animals and I’m still learning.”  Global247News Twitter

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