19 arrests in last 14 days for people smuggling into the UK

In the past fortnight 19 people have been arrested in connection with smuggling people across the English Channel.

In a statement the Home Office said that French authorities had stopped over 650 poeple from making the crossing.
Although weather conditions have been adverse the UK Border Agency dealt with another four incidents on Friday which led to 33 migrants being detained.
During the course of this year more than 7,400 have made the dangerous crossing in small boats and managed to reach the UK.
Dan O’Mahoney, clandestine Channel threat commander, said “We are taking action at every step of these dangerous and illegally facilitated journeys to make this route unviable. This includes working closely with the French who, since last Saturday, have stopped more than 650 people from making this crossing, seizing boats and equipment and intercepting people inland. We are also committed to fixing the asylum system, to make it fairer and firmer, compassionate to those who need help and welcoming people through safe and legal routes.”
In the Home Office statement a spokesman confirmed that the 19 arrests were made for smuggling and illegal entry to the country. The dangers of trying to cross one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes became all to apparent on Sunday morning when the dead body of an immigrant was discovered washed up on the French coast. Authorities said that the body, found on a beach near Sangatte outside Calais, still had a life-jacket on.

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