Former Welsh Councillor wonders If The Welsh Government Have Been Paid By Amazon

Former councillor in Wales ponders if the Welsh Government have been paid by Amazon for the lockdown

A former Councillor from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales has hit out on social media in regards the countries current lockdown.

Adam Brown, who was a councillor in the Merthyr Tydfil ward took to social media to pose the question, he asked:

“Wonder how much the likes of Amazon have paid the Welsh Government. From today you can’t go to the shop and buy non essential items but yet you can still buy them online for next day delivery! Wake the f@ck up people! If anyone thinks this is still about saving lives or the NHS then you are mugs!”

When Global247news this morning contacted Brown and questioned him on the 40 plus deaths recently in the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Rhondda Cynon Taff – he simply replied: “Where’s the proof?”

The former councillor although sent many news articles on the hospitals situation that has appeared on all national media channels of late still didn’t believe the death numbers.

Brown, who actually resides in Marbella Spain, where he now presents a football channel on Youtube known as ‘Football With Brownie’. is known for his controversial statements over the years, but his latest denial of COVID has left many residents in Wales in disbelief.

Swansea resident Gethin Jenkins who works at the Amazon warehouse in Swansea said” “What’s he on? I saw his comments on social media, as if Amazon have paid the government? – I think the Spanish sun has gone to his head”

Whilst in Pontyclun, nurse Brenda Makin who works at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital commented: ” I can’t believe his train of thought and others, maybe they should come to work with me and see the reality?”

“But when we have people making statements like Adam Brown, it beggars belief, no wonder we have the current COVID situation as it is, if people don’t believe, then we really are doomed!”

” Thank god he lives in Spain now and maybe he should stick to football as he certainly has no clue in regards the current pandemic” the nurse said.

Brown, who has recently recovered from COVID himself, was questioned in regards him allegedly stating at the time ‘ my worst experience ever’ although Brown now denies this, as he makes his current statement.

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