Drakeford should be in prison with his son claims Welsh anti COVID protester

An anti COVID protester in South Wales says Welsh leader Mark Drakeford  should be placed in jail with his son

As tempers start to boil in Wales for many citizens as they re-enter another lockdown period – vocal Welsh anti COVID campaigner Steven Thomas is claiming that Welsh leader Mark Drakeford should be sent to jail for his actions.

On his campaigning social media channels Thomas posted out to his now thousands of supporters:

“Do we need anymore proof that Drakeford will destroy wales economy jobs and businesses ? The guy is dangerous and stupid.Not saying Boris is doing it right he ain’t but Drakeford just like his Marxist political ideologies is giving us a taste of what he believes in.

“At the moment this is exactly what it will be like living in a Marxist country.
Wake the Fook up it isn’t about no virus.
What’s the point of going this far when England aren’t? – the thick prick.
All about control.  He belongs in prison with his son.”
Thomas, who was visited by South Wales Police this week, to advise him to cancel this weeks planned demonstration walk from Swansea to Bridgend, has been a very vocal campaigner for months, whilst during local lockdowns participating in marches across county borders.
Last week, he campaigned along the Taff Trail starting from Cardiff Bay to Pontypridd, expressing how he was flouting the set laws as he and cohort Chris Jacob posted out as they travelled.
Thomas now though tells Global247news how he has cancelled Sundays demonstration, although has something up his sleeve, he said:
“The police are now tracking my movements clearly, probably under orders from Drakeford and his Marxist establishment, there is no point doing the Swansea to Bridgend one as I will get lifted and thrown in the cells”
” Whilst my thousands of supporters are disappointed – the aim is to campaign and get the word out, I can’t do that from a police cell although watch this space – we have something planned for tomorrow’s campaign”
” Yes though, Drakeford should be accountable to the people of Wales for crimes against our country and thrown in jail with his son” he said.
Thomas who’s travelled not just Wales campaigning, often also seen on the streets of London outside Whitehall further said:
“I’ve travelled Europe this year, both Spain & Portugal, who have been hit far worse than the UK and they have avoided lockdowns so why on earth is Drakeford thinking Wales is different? none of it makes sense at all”
“They won’t shut me up”
Meanwhile one of Thomas’s main allies Andrew Parsells, who absconded from Taffs Well to Crete  whilst under local lockdown regulations has decided to extend his visit fearing arrest on return to the UK.

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