Yeovil Lib Dem MP slams the Tories And Calls For A Petition

Yeovil Lib Dem MP Mick Clark has slammed the Conservative  Party and calls for everyone to sign a petition

Mick Clarke from Yeovil Somerset, has written to everyone he can in Somerset calling for a petition as he’s outraged regarding the Conservatives voting on free school meals.

Furious Clarke wrote:

“Last night the Conservatives voted down a motion to provide Free School Meals during school holidays until Easter 2021.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has made many people’s incomes more precarious, with this financial instability it is more important than ever that the government makes sure that children have access to enough food.

We have launched a petition demanding the government reverse its decision.

I work in education and I know how vital free school meals are, this year we need to make sure we extend them into the holidays to protect children whose families have been affected by Coronavirus.

If you have already signed then please share the petition with your friends and family, the more signatures we have the more pressure we are putting on the Conservatives to reverse their dangerous decision.

Best wishes,

Mick Clark

Yeovil Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Spokesperson”

Clarke, has a strong following of support in the region and Yeovil residents are furthering support for Clarke as they are totally frustrated with both the Tory government and their local MP (CON) Marcus Fysh.

Normally conservative voter, Joan Hills from the town told Global247news how she received the email from Clarke, whilst she vented her frustration at the Tories, she said:

” I got the email as I have started supporting Mick Clarke, he comes across as a decent hard working man who cares”

“Sadly I voted for that pompous Fysh in the last election because I thought Boris would do a good job – although he clearly hasn’t”

” To be honest our local MP literally is a wet fish and a total waste of space, and I will never vote for him again”  Global247News Twitter

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