Rail commuters missing out on millions in delay compensation

New figures released indicate that rail passengers are missing out on tens of millions of pounds in compensation for delays that they are entitled to.

Rail commuters missing out on millions: A survey for Transport Focus suggests that only 37% of those entitled to be paid out for a recent delay have made a claim. The survey shows that 51% said that it wasn’t worth doing as the amount they would get back was minimal while 11% said that the claiming process was too complicated.

Between March and April over 11,000 people were surveyed. Antony Smith, Transport Focus chief executive, said “This research shows that, while train operators have improved, there is still a way to go to make it easier for passengers to claim and more aware of the compensation they are entitled to.

While delay compensation has been less of an issue during lockdown, improving reliability and a simpler, more automated claims process for when things do go wrong can help increase confidence in the railway as passengers return in future.”

Rail Delivery Group, the industry’s body, said This data shows that more passengers are getting the compensation they’re entitled to, following train operators’ work to proactively notify people when they can claim.

Train companies are continuing to raise awareness of Delay Repay through train announcements, email reminders and Facebook Messenger, while making the process easier with one-click and automatic compensation for delays of just 15 minutes.” The amount of compensation that can be claimed all depends on the price and type of ticket purchased, the train operator involved and the length of the delay.

Many rail companies offer the Delay Repay scheme and pay out if a delay is more than 15 minutes. A spokesperson for the DfT said “As Delay Repay 15 is rolled out by more operators across the country and people are increasingly aware of their rights, it is positive to see a higher proportion of passengers claiming.

Our focus is delivering reliable, punctual journeys, but when there is disruption it is vital that passengers are able to claim simpler, quicker compensation.”

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